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Potting and pottering

It has been a long time since I did serious vegetable gardening since my last two planting seasons were taken up with a part time MBA and moving house respectively.  So this year I am feeling really excited about the possibilities of my vegetable garden.


Having combination of heavy clay soil and (I believe) the wettest Winter on record I am trying to start as many things in pots as possible rather than sowing directly into the soil.  In its current state any seeds would rot before they had a chance to get going.

So far I have made over 100 pots using a similar technique to this: http://www.imperfecthomemaking.com/2013/03/newspaper-seed-starting-pots.html

These homemade pots are brilliant because they will bio-degrade over time which means I don’t have to pop the seeds out of the pots and disturb the roots.  Also it means I can make use of lots and lots of old papers lying around which would otherwise have just been recycled (this way they still get recycled but at home and in a way which benefits us more directly).

So far I’ve started off:

1 tray of Green Kale

1 tray of Cavelo Nero

1 tray of Kohlrabi

30 Dwarf Peas

30 French Purple Climbing Beans

19 Golden Sweet Mangetout (I’ll be doing more of these!)

Coriander and Parsley (for the Herb Garden not the Veg plot)

3 pots of chillis including Rainbow Fire chillis.

Lots and lots of tomatoes – 3 varieties: Costoluto Genovese, Dr Pink Carolyn and Gold Medal. So far all the Costoluto have germinated, only 1 Dr Pinks have made it (the seed was very very old) and the Gold Medal are still thinking about things.

But that is really just scratching the surface of my planting plans and I’m sure I’ll be making many many more in the next few weeks.

Next I’m looking forward to doing: Beetroot (Chiggoia and Perfect 3), Celeriac (Monarch) and Cucumber (Miniature White and Cornichon de Paris) but fear not – even this isn’t the end.  There is sweetcorn, potatoes, squashes, courgettes, florence fennel, chard, spinach, salad leaves, mooli and all manner of tasty things still to come.