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Chocolate Rye Muffins Changed my mind.

I am not normally a person who sees photos in a blog or a magazine and aspires to the lifestyle depicted… with one big exception: Green Kitchen Stories


I am not a vegetarian but I love these guys, I love their recipes (I got their cookery book before I read their blog), I love their style, I love the way they compose photographs and their food is delicious.


Recently I found this post on their blog: http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/double-chocolate-rye-muffins/  for salted chocolate muffins made entirely with wholemeal rye and wholemeal spelt.  Normally I hate cakes and other sweet doughs made with wholemeal.  They are just too heavy to hit the cake spot for me.  Almost certainly because I’ve been brought up on light airy white flour cakes my whole life.  But something about the way they described the combination of the dark rye and the dark chocolate really appealed to me.  Yesterday I broke with tradition and baked these sweet wholemeal muffins.  Well they were incredible, dark, rich not too sweet and the salt really set them off.  They would have been inferior if I had made them with white flour – and that is a revelation!

I’ve even been inspired to try a bit of photo shopping whilst I am at it – first attempt wasn’t great but then the light here is virtually non-existent for taking good starting photos. So one more step along the learning journey.