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Home Insulation – Keeping track

So many things to think about and remember with beginning this (very small) smallholding journey.

First project is trying to draught-proof the house.  Dull I know, but I don’t plan on giving free money to the energy companies if I can help it and Westwick is a big rambling old house. The sort of house which leaks heat like a sieve. I need somewhere to list my resources and elements of the project as I tick them off.
Soon after we moved in I started work on the big curtains to go in front of the floor to ceiling rooms in the verandah room and the living room. The verandah room looks great now with really heavy drapes but the living room isn’t finished yet those curtain are up but too short and I need to add some fabric to the bottom of them. But this is only the start of my curtain quest (I have many, many curtains to make).

So I am making draught excluders from a modified version of this draught excluder: http://the-frugal-graduate.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/how-to-make-applique-draught-excluder.html

I have lots of these to make so it will be an ongoing project.

Then I need to put foil down the back of the radiators to reflect heat back into the room.


1. Finish curtains in the living room.

2. Draught excluders (many many lots).

3. Foil at the back of radiators.

4. New curtains (thicker!) curtains in the dining room.

5. Put up curtains/blinds in kitchen.

6. Put up curtain/blinds in small toilet.

7. Put up curtains in my study.

8. Put up curtains in my J’s study.

9. Put extra lining in R’s bedroom curtains.

10. Put extra lining in spare bedroom curtains.

Hmm – I’d better crank up my sewing machine!

Here is another link on energy saving tips I need to peruse at some point: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24757144