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The Good Things #2 – Charity Shops

There is another Good Things Linkfest thanks to MargotandBarbara. My last post on this was here but today the Good Thing I want to talk about is the Charity Shop.

I think these shops are the staple of the sustainable, frugal, green lifestyle.  They are such an important part of the whole cycle of buying and decluttering I don’t know what I’d do without them.  They are the places I send things I no longer need when I declutter, they are the places I go to get reasonably priced clothes, household items, books (and now toys) and every time I buy something there it is secondhand (so recycling) and my money goes to charity!  Win, Win, Win!  I think in America these would be called Goodwill or Thift stores?  In Australia are they the “op shops”?

Today we went to visit R’s Granny who lives in a very good charity shop area (much better than here) and I made a point of stopping by.  Granny (and on my side Grandma and Auntie V) are brilliant at getting amazing things from charity shops but today was my lucky day.


This was my major find.

For anyone who doesn’t have children or isn’t in the UK these are the Teletubbies.  They were a huge children’s tv show in the mid ’90s and as of today a brand new series started with the same characters. This is a complete set of interactive soft toys which cost me £1.60 in total.  They are about to become really popular again with the pre-school crowd (i.e. R’s age group) and I’m so lucky I can get ahead of the curve.  No waiting around for R to pester me for a Teletubby toy.  He will already have a set (and he won’t know that they were from a charity shop – well he won’t know until he can read this.  If you’re reading this R, sorry!)

I did look up the same toys on Ebay and they were £16.99 each!

I also managed to get a 1970s style vacuum yoghurt maker (just like my Mum had) for £1.95.  This will be very important in helping me during No Plastic July as I mentioned here.

The Good Things



The Good Things

Elizabeth from the Margot and Barbara blog (I can’t tell how you much I *love* that title!) has suggested people write happy posts, about The Good Things.

I wholeheartedly support the idea of recording The Good Things and so here is my first post, as unlikely as it seems…

1. Weeding the Vegetable Patch

"I think you'll find those are *my* weeds."

“I think you’ll find those are *my* weeds.”

Why, on Earth, would this be a good thing?

Well I can tell you it wasn’t always a good thing and there are still aspects of it I don’t like – namely all that bending over. But this is the first time I’ve had a vegetable patch next to a pig pen.  It is a revelation! I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to pull up a handful of weeds and casually toss them into the pen only to have the pigs race for the fresh greens as if they were the most delicious treat.  Listening to them grunt and snuffle their way through the pile of weeds is so satisfying.  Composting weeds is all well and good but having the animals get such enjoyment out of eating them is great and makes me feel closer to fulfilling my Permaculture principles – Maximum yield, minimum cost and effort.

The Good Things