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Apples, apples everywhere…

We have a mini-orchard here at Westwick.  In fact it is one of the reasons we moved here.  There are two eating apple trees, two cooking apple trees and a crabapple.  I haven’t been as on top of the harvest as I would have liked in this first year mostly because I have a small baby (and now a bad back).

We reckon we have over 300lbs of apples this year (not including the crab apples). I have managed to store just 30lbs so far on cardboard sheets in the cold back bedroom. It took a while to sort through them (whilst baby wrangling) putting the perfect ones in a small layer of newspaper and then lining them up in order of perfection, with the least good ones nearest the door to be used first.

I used a couple of websites to help me with storing my apples over winter.  Looks like the key is – don’t let them touch each other and only long term store perfect apples.  Even the tiniest bruise on an apple can ruin the lot.



Then I have been cooking up as much as I can.

Simple pureed apple for the baby in the freezer (in case he doesn’t take to baby-led weaning in a couple of months)

Apple Crumble

Apple Pie

And our family favourite: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Apple and Almond Pudding.

But I am also trying some new recipes…

Apple Pudding (from the Romany Cookbook)


Apples peeled, cored and sliced (I used 4 Bramleys)

Large tablespoon of Honey

Cinnamon and Nutmeg

4oz Self Raising Flour

2oz Vegetarian Suet


Brown Sugar

I cooked the sliced apple in a little water, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg in a shallow frying pan (one without a handle which we keep for this very purpose).  Then I made a suet dough with the flour, suet and water and rolled it out to fit over the apples in the pan.  Then I sprinkled the top with sugar.  Put a lid on the pan and put it in the oven on 180 for 20 mins.  At the end I took the lid off to crisp up the top of the pastry for 5 mins.

Serve with cream.