List and Plans

We have never ending lists of things we’d like to do around here.  I know lists can be off putting for some people but I love getting everything out of my brain and on to paper (computer) so that I don’t have to carry it in my head.  I love ticking things off even more!

So this is a big list of all the things it has occurred to us we would like to do or try over the years we live him.

Things will chop and change, we’ll add things and hopefully complete some things.  It will be slow going until I’ve had baby number 2 and whilst the children are young but we’ve in no rush.

  1. Make Lemon and Lime Marmalade
  2. Make this amazing looking leftover mincemeat and marzipan cake from Make Do and Mend. –
  3. Read my chicken books
  4. Buy the rest of the kit we need for the Chickens (second hand if poss!)
  6. Clear around the pig fence and re-string.
  7. Weed the strawberry patch
  8. Weed the raspberry patch
  9. Get a new Damson Tree and plant in the pig pen
  10. Fence off new Damson Tree to stop the pigs digging it up.
  11. Try making sourdough crackers:
  12. Get a hammock for the garden
  13. Clear the Verandah of junk – get the council to come and help move the big items our builders left which we can’t shift.
  14. Repaint Verandah.
  15. Put up candle holders in Verandah.
  16. Get a giant pot, get grape vine, grow amazing grape vine over Verandah
  17. Make these totes out of leftover jeans –
  18. Finish at least 50% of the mending pile
  19. Make Damson Jam – I use the Marguerite Patten recipe in this book:
  20. Make Damson Gin – this is the recipe I used last time.  It was the best ever and I’m never changing it!
  21. Build Outdoor Pizza Oven
  22. Read Bee Books
  23. Get Bee Kit
  24. Get Bees (buzz buzz! Eat all the honey!)
  25. Re-learn how to make bread by hand (years of a bread maker have atrophied my skills – definitely one for when the kids are older though; right now I need that bread maker).
  26. Finish chopping cherry wood kindling and put in woodshed.
  27. Grow Sweet Cicely
  28. Get a Poly Tunnel (then grow tomatoes – I’m on a tomato growing ban until then – too much heartache)
  29. Make Sauerkraut (again – I really like sauerkraut and it is so cheap and easy to do. The recipe in Five Acres and a Dream is a great one.)
  30. Make fermented dill pickles
  31. Conquer Yoghurt making (I am TERRIBLE at this!) But this idea might just be perfect – and will save me buying a yoghurt maker.
  32. Make two really big aprons (WITH REALLY BIG POCKETS!) and wear them.
  33. Make Soap
  34. Dye the white yarn I’ve had for 5 years – then knit something awesome with it.
  35. Take a course on making Salami – these guys are local and told us they might start doing courses:
  36. Turn our clay soil into fantastic friable, nutrient dense gold dust.
  37. Empty contents of sand pit into veg patch and dig in.
  38. Refill sandpit for the Summer.
  39. Get a couple of geese (Honk Honk!)
  40. Redecorate the nursery
  41. Redecorate J’s study
  42. Insulate the floor of Josh’s study
  43. Make curtains for my study
  44. Redecorate tiny toilet and put old blind up.
  46. Upcycle old blind into something nice then put it up.
  47. Make curtains for nursery
  48. Put up old curtain poles in my study (then measure and make curtains… Not before!)
  49. Make an egg basket from the old denim I have in the old moses basket.
  50. Clean and air out the old moses basket for our new arrival!the basket had a patch of mould so we’ve decided not to risk it and since this was a back up one we’d inherited anyway we are getting rid of it.
  51. Finish Hexapuff Blanket –
  52. Knit rainbow striped jumper for R
  53. Knit jumper for baby
  54. Knit hat for baby for hospital
  55. Clean out tiniest outhouse
  56. Clear out garage – find out what other tools we inherited with the house!
  57. Research what sorts of foodstuffs we can grow to supplement the chicken feed.
  58. Make a chicken tractor
  59. Prune apple trees
  60. Learn to quilt – quilt everything in the world!
  61. Make another apron with my current fabric stash (this apron maybe:
  62. Make Vinegar –
  63. Make Kimchi
  64. Re-cover the two old chairs we inherited.
  65. Sort out fabric stash.
  66. Paint the shed with the protective wood stain (which we’ve already bought and is in the shed!)
  67. Clean and tidy the larder.
  68. Finish my 10 stitch blanket:
  69. Finish my crochet blanket
  70. Successfully grow a melon (probably in the poly tunnel) The Prescott Ford Blanc is the variety I really want to crack! See here:
  71. Finish reading the Earth Care Manual by Patrick Whitfield – the book is amazing but so dense and physically large I sometimes struggle to hold it up to read it.
  72. Put up the two wall hangings in R’s bedroom
  73. Get my embroidery work framed and hung up in the house.
  74. Make Blood Orange Jelly – you won’t regret it I promise you!
  75. Make more vanilla extract ( I made 750ml over a year ago and it is almost all gone and it was delicious and cheap) – It is basically just putting whole vanilla beans in a bottle of vodka shaking occasionally and leaving it for ages. I use this recipe usually – it is great
  76. Make big apron style pockets to go on the front of my purple cord and black cords skirts – Why do they think women want clothes without pockets!!! Where am I supposed to put my things.
  77. Make a bag for my Yoga Mat (yep – I’m totally a person with a Yoga Mat).
  78. Get rid of the two big wooden doors in the front garden – accepting I’m not going to be able to do anything useful with them and ask the council to take them away.
  79. Trip to the dump to get rid of/recycle a bunch of items which I can’t fix and which I can no longer even  I *might* fix.
  80. Make rosehip oil and use it on my face.  For 36 years my ‘beauty’ regime has been basically soap and water (I haven’t worn make up since I was 18 so I don’t need anything complicated).  Turns out that soap and water isn’t good for my skin anymore (especially in Winter!) and I’ve got a good recommendation and recipe for rosehip oil from here: We have a tonne of rosehips in the garden and even buying some almond oil to put them in will still be pretty cheap and might make a nice homemade present if I jazz up the jar.
  81. Make Beeswax food wraps to ditch the cling film.
  82. Take out some of the shrubs I hate (pyracanthus is the devils’s own plant) and replace with plants I like which are productive and attract bees.
  83. Build a solar oven
  84. Get rid of the long cement block in the garden.
  85. Get our porch ripped out and replaced (this is hopefully a possibility this year – which is good because it is standing only as a result of willpower)
  86. Clear out the front yard and make it into a safe play area for the kids.
  87. Make myself 2-3 new pairs of bloomers for Summer.
  88. Build an outdoor pizza oven.
  89. Build a treehouse from recycled materials for R (+ babe number 2)
  90. Create a raised bed/bit of veg patch for R to garden in.
  91. Plant an Acer in the garden.
  92. Plant a witch hazel in the garden.
  93. Do a cider making day with friends.
  94. Make Lemon/Lime/Blackcurrant or Raspberry Curd.
  95. Weed the herb patch
  96. Transplant more strawberries into the soft fruit patch.
  97. Make this amazing herb spiral out of the leftover bricks we scavanged (or maybe it would make the coolest strawberry bed!!)