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Full Steam Ahead

Yesterday I wrote about a number of minor setbacks catching me on the raw.  Thankfully they were all silly and minor but obviously minor things don’t always feel that way.

I was determined to make sure I had a great day today… no matter what! I made sure of it 🙂

Golden Sweet Mangetout - so close to being ready!

Golden Sweet Mangetout – so close to being ready!

Firstly our roof was fixed.  It has been leaking for ages, we have been through many temporary fixes and this time I think we have cracked it.  Fingers crossed.  Getting the work done was simple, quick, painless and not too expensive.

Secondly it was Transition Chesterfield’s repair cafe today.  I didn’t sit on the repairing crew this time (next time I’ll volunteer for clothes mending).  I won’t say too much about it as I want to do a separate post on the whole Repair Cafe (which was awesome!) but I got most of my bike fixed (and I know what is wrong with the rest), I got told what was wrong with an old bottle steriliser (should be simple to fix once we get a small part) and I came away with 2 replacement courgettes, and a bag full of denim scraps for patchworking and mending some of our own jeans.

Big basket of denim scraps and a nearly mended steriliser.

Big basket of denim scraps and a nearly mended steriliser.

Then we walked back in the sunshine and I took a quick break before hitting the garden… and hitting it hard!

I potted out the 2 courgettes from C, 4 tomatoes, 1 mountain mint, 1 french tarragon.

Lots of tomatoes - really tiny still but I'm hoping they'll make it.

Lots of tomatoes – really tiny still but I’m hoping they’ll make it.

I sowed 4 pots chives, 2 pots summer savory, 2 pots of basil, 1 pot of bergamot.

Lots of mint - all safely tucked up in pots.

Lots of mint – all safely tucked up in pots.

I’m starting everything in pots because it is easier to protect them my Nemesis – the slug!

Then I had a quick visit to the pig pen and admired my mangetout and redcurrants – they are both so very nearly ready and looking grand!.

Dark skies, red currents.

Dark skies, red currents.

AND I got another sock mended. Back down to 10 socks to mend.


Produce Swap

Last night I finally made it to Transition Chesterfield’s Green Drinks.  I’ve been meaning to go for ages but haven’t quite made it before.  But this time I was fully prepared.

One of the reasons I’ve been so keen to go is the Produce Swap part of the evening.  I’ve suffered in the past with gluts and the feeling of guilt that you don’t want to let anything you have grown go to waste.  It is just that mentality that led Josh and I to eat purple sprouting broccoli for every meal for about 2 weeks (there is too much of a good thing).

Ready for swapping!

Ready for swapping!

This year (if the slugs let me) I hope to have gluts again and if I do I’ll be looking forward to swapping them for crops that didn’t make it (courgettes I’m looking at you!)

It kicked off for me last night. I took a bunch of herbs from the garden and a jar of bramble jelly.  I make lots of jam and jelly and I make far more than we eat.  Some of it goes to relatives but some of it sits in the larder, swapping it makes perfect sense.  In return I got a box of nearly vegan mocha cookies (delicious!) and a bottle of Elderflower champagne!

Can’t wait to see what happens next month.  I’m hoping I might have something else from the garden to bring.

Edited to add: I’m not sure I’ve adequately explained how childishly excited I felt about this swapping business.  I got a real sense of anticipation and thrill when other people turned up with things.  But there is also a real sense of saving money – today whilst I was working I thought about popping over to the garage and getting some chocolate and then I stopped and decided I should have one of my mocha cookies instead.  Small steps…