In 2013 we left our home in London suburbia and moved to a small market town in Derbyshire. Our new home, Westwick, is a 1900s house on the outskirts of town and within spitting distance of the Peak District National Park. The house is full of character, and perhaps more importantly, comes with a large orchard with room to grow vegetables and keep animals.

We had a baby. We kept our jobs but moved to part-time working. Our aim is to devote the extra time we now have to bringing up our son as equal parents, to transforming our new surroundings into a working smallholding, and to living as sustainably as possible, here in Westwick.

In this blog we’ll talk about our progress in growing fruit, vegetables and herbs, in raising (and eating!) animals, cooking, preserving and in making our green dreams reality.

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    1. Becky A Post author

      Thank you so much for commenting. I love it when people grow their own veg, it is such a powerful thing to do in the current world of supermarkets. I’m sure my farming ancestors would think I am wrong about that but times change. I’m sure 3 dogs keeps you wonderfully busy!


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