Mending – a Radical Act of Value

Another Vlog post is up.

Josh (having listened to my rants on long journey’s far too often!) suggested that I talk about some of our values and philosophy behind our choices.

So I did…



4 thoughts on “Mending – a Radical Act of Value

  1. Therese

    I agree with so much of what you say (I’ve grown up with my mum’s mending and reusing, and I try to value and take care of what I have). I especially agree with that idea about sustainability versus regeneration. For years I’d thought that sustainability was what we needed, but I’ve since learnt that it is not about sustaining the planet, it is in fact about sustaining civilisation and our way of life (which is inherently unsustainable, whatever way you look at it), and so in many ways it is just making things worse. We need to find ways to change our culture so that it becomes about giving back equally for whatever we consume—and ultimately, not consuming at all when what we are consuming is unnecessary to our survival. I doubt this is going to occur before a big collapse, but we can at least try to get started.

    1. Becky A Post author

      Hi Therese – thank you for your thoughts. You are right, it is all about a culture change and culture is the hardest thing to change. But you have to start somewhere!


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