Assortments and Oddments


Sunny feet


The weather is truly on the turn here at Westwick after a bizarre Winter which was too warm to make me happy, and too cold to enjoy the outside as much as I’d like. Too warm because Winter should be cold, really cold, we shouldn’t have daffodils and crocuses popping up in December.  If it isn’t cold enough the slug population booms and they are the bane of my life in the Spring. And it was too cold because I am a cheapskate and decided I couldn’t possibly buy a new (read maternity) coat for the Winter and so going out anywhere was a draughty business.


But we are getting reliable, sunny weather now and I can make sure Josh, R and me are getting outdoors as much as possible.  We explored our favourite park last Tuesday – Graves Park in Sheffield. It has this lovely city farm in it (so I get to dream about all the different breeds of chicken), a lake, huge playpark and more besides. Spring being fully sprung the farm had new lambs, piglets and even baby goats which was enjoyed by everyone (although R preferred watching the tractor mucking out the cows).

In terms of my BIG LIST I’ve been trying to crack on with the baby knitting (can’t leave it to the last minute as you never really know when they are going to show up).  I’ve got two cardigans mostly done save for blocking, steeking, button bands and the buttons – I’m procrastinating about the blocking which I hate. I thought I’d got most of a hat cracked until I realised it was  big enough for my toddler and so had to rip and cast on something in a more manageable size.

This is looking much better and I LOVE the colour.



Roll on the rest of Spring.

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