A bit of meal planning

We do a lot of meal planning at Westwick.  Mostly evening meals as breakfast and lunch are more flexible but we always have bread, jam, marmite, porridge, cheese, pasta and fruit in the house.
Thought I’d pop down some of our meal planning so you can see our thought processes. Although I’m always working to refine our methods, cut waste, cut costs, cut packaging.  At the moment we’re a bit out of our routine so I haven’t been as on top of the waste, costs and packaging as usual.  But we always meal plan which means we are a good chunk of the way there every time.
IMG_0079 (1)

Homemade Chai (It’s been a cold week!)

 (Initials indicate who is cooking on that day)
Friday: (J)   Baked potatoes with sour cream, chives and cheese
Put Bread on overnight ready for breakfast in the morning.
Take bacon out of the freezer and soak.
Saturday: (J) Bacon, Leek and Macaroni
Guests for lunch – they are bringing main meal, make apple and blackcurrant cobbler for pudding.
Take Lamb out of freezer to defrost in morning and Marinate Lamb overnight for Sunday.
Sunday: (B) Roast Leg of Lamb Iraqi Style with cous cous and vegetables.
Mon: (J) Rosti Shepherd’s pie
Tues: (B) Hbari Maqli  (Gaza Style Fried Calamari) with pitta bread, hummus and Gazan Butternut Squash salad (Imtabbal Ari’)
Weds: (B) Chicken/Goose and Mushroom Casserole with dumplings
Thurs: (B/J alternating) Pasta Puttenesca
Starting the week on a Friday this time because we’ve been visiting family earlier in the week.
We bought 1/2 a lamb from local smallholders a while ago and are still working our way through it.  This Iraqi recipe will be an interesting new twist on a leg of lamb (normally we prefer shoulder) so I’m very hopeful! Also it will count towards one of my goals to cook 5 recipes from the Iraqi Cookbook this year. Similarly there are two Gazan recipes in there which will count towards my cook from the Gaza Kitchen challenge!
The Shepherd’s Pie then uses the leftover lamb from the roast.  We’ll be making a double portion and then freezing it in preparation for Babygeddon in May when we will struggle to cook for a week or two.
This week has a couple of more expensive ingredients such as the lamb and the squid.  Squid used to be fairly cheap to get hold of but not so much anymore.  But the lamb will probably stretch to 6 adult meals and 3 toddler meals.  The squid is just an indulgence, because homemade deep fried squid is delicious!  I’ll be shopping around to see if I can get it cheaper next time though.
But I’ve paired it with pasta puttanesca and a baked potato meal which are very cheap and a chicken/goose casserole which will use up some of the carcasses stored in the freezer and the odds and sods left in the veg drawer.   Dumplings are really tasty, super easy to make and very filling and it is a shame you don’t see them around much these days!

2 thoughts on “A bit of meal planning

    1. Becky A Post author

      Thanks – I quite like the planning to be honest. And the notes about getting things out of the freezer and when to make bread I find are essential to making sure we don’t end up on an expensive urgent runt to the Supermarket 🙂


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