Eating from The Gaza Kitchen

Cooking dinner on a weekend is one of my favourite things.  Weekdays are busier and need something faster, but weekends even with a busy toddler in the mix I can take a bit more time and use a bit more brain.


A long time ago (probably over a year ago!) I got a copy of The Gaza Kitchen as recommended (and rightly so!) by Annie of Kitchen Counter Culture. It is a beautiful book and I was interested to learn about a cuisine I’ve not encountered before.  But after reading I left it on the shelf – not sure how I’d incorporate the recipes into our routine.

So 2016 comes around and (as usual) I start my goal planning for the year.  I’m looking for gentle goals this time because we are expecting a new baby in May, and I need to be flexible as they detonate our usual routines for a while. I always like to have some cooking goals in the mix – in 2015 I tried 10 new vegan recipes.  This year I want to make 5 recipes from The Gaza Kitchen, 5 from the Iraqi Cookbook, and Danish Aebleskiver (a sort of fried apple doughnut).

So far I’ve made two recipes from The Gaza Kitchen: Zibdiyit Gambari – a baked shrimp dish made with a spiced dill and tomato sauce and Abu Hasira’s Sayadiyya – fish marinaded in cumin, chilli, garlic and lemon (zest and juice) then poached in a sauce of fried onions, garlic, cinnamon, tomato, nutmeg and cardamon. Then you fry up some rice until golden and dump the fish and cooking sauce on top. Simmer until the rice is cooked.

Check out the marinading action!


Both were incredible – unusual and delicious.  But the Zibdiyit Gambari was especially amazing because Josh really loved it despite the fact he doesn’t like shrimp or dill!

Roll on recipes 3-5!


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