Some days are harder than others…

I love working on my green life.  Most of the time.  But there are days like today when I realise how vital good health is to living sustainably.  We don’t live in a world which properly values (or even provides these days) for those with debilitating chronic ill health. On days when I have less energy I really feel how impossible it would be too live as sustainably as I want to if I lost some of my health.

Today was a less than perfect day – it’s been a long time since I’ve had really poor sleep with R but last night was the worst teething he’s had.  Those final 4 molars are just brutal on a small boddie and he needed a lot of TLC to get through the night.  So today I have dragged myself through my housework, I have put as much energy as I can into multiple readings of: “What the Ladybird Heard”, “Toddle Waddle” and “Goat Goes to Playgroup” (R is on a Julia Donaldson jag right now) and I have hauled myself into town to take back library books and get wrapping paper.

But thankfully organisation has helped keep me on the sustainable path even today…

1. We meal plan in advance so I knew what I was cooking and I had all the ingredients to hand.  So no getting a take away in frustrated exhaustion.

2. I walk most places so my background level of fitness is perfectly serviceable.  I might not be able to run a marathon but I can do a 4 mile round trip with the pram fairly easily, even on no sleep.

3. I prioritised my jobs – it is essential to keep on top of the washing so I made sure I put a load on, I had a big tub of homemade chicken stock in the fridge which I portioned up and put into the freezer (don’t want it to go to waste!). I took the library books back so I didn’t get fined.

4. I made dinner during R’s naptime so I wouldn’t be so rushed at the end of the day when I’d be more tired (A very good decision, past Becky made!)

It wasn’t all glorious:

1. I made a batch of lemon flavoured scones thinking I’d get ahead on some meals but I forgot to add any raising agent.  That was a disappointing waste of time, flour and lemon zest.

2. I didn’t put any dried washing away – the stacks are teetering around us.

3. I’ve got R’s chest cold, boo.

One or two days of being ill I can manage with this life but we really took a hit earlier this with a prolonged period of illness that really knocked out system out.

Fact is it takes time to shop for bargains and check out the greenest options, it takes time to plan meals and walk instead of using the car, it takes energy and work to cook from scratch, to wash nappies, to plant a veg garden and process half a pig into sausages, bacon, hams etc. It can take money to buy the more expensive options like Ecover or organic meat etc.

Living sustainably with chronic illness must be extra hard. I’m going to count my blessing for today.


2 thoughts on “Some days are harder than others…

  1. Dawn McHugh

    I sometimes reach what I call a burn out, I just take a day or so to myself, the world wont end without me slogging away, I remember those sleepless teething nights exhausting times, you are doing great 🙂

    1. Becky A Post author

      Thanks Dawn – I think I’m out of practice 🙂 He’s been a reliable good sleeper for so long now I don’t remember how to function on little sleep!


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