Recovering Creativity


Recovering Creativity

For as long as I can remember I’ve considered myself a creative person; probably even a Creative Person. I feel like my creativity is an integral part of my green, sustainable life.  So much of what we are doing requires us to get creative, whether in the garden or the kitchen or somewhere else entirely. I’m also always so admiring of the other green, frugal and sustainable bloggers out there – there put out so many interesting ideas daily I struggle to keep up with them all.

I always feel like I am a Creative Person even when I feel like I don’t do much creating.

Sometimes I think this is the greatest gift I got from my Dad. He is always creating something, music, art, novels, short stories – right now he is building a clever sandpit for R which will one day convert into a raised bed. So R can go from playing with sand to growing his own fruit and veg.

I want R to grow up surrounded by the sort of constant creativity that I lived with.

Sadly not my Crab Apple Tree.

Sadly not my Crab Apple Tree.

And part of the reason for starting this blog was to create things – instead of just consuming endless kitten pics on facebook.

But I’ve had a bit of a creative drought recently. A few busy weeks at work and a busy Autumn’s preserving has left me without much energy to put into anything else. Yes the Autumn preserving is also creative – I shan’t deny that, but it has sucked up more energy that it should have done recently.

Luckily I had a great time at Yarndale recently which has helped to kickstart my creativity again.  It was amazing seeing so much talent and I’ll be writing a full post about it soon. I also completed a writing deadline last week and finishing things always gives me a boost!

The cowl I started designing less than 24 hours later.

The cowl I started designing less than 24 hours later.

So I’m getting out my resources on creativity and making a plan.


1. Making Space – clutter in my creative workspace, clutters up my brain. I can’t focus quickly to getting things done. I’ve allowed my study/studio to get bunged up with rubbish recently. Time to fix that. I have cleared about half my study as I’m writing this, only half left.  I find Chez Larsson to be the perfect inspiration for remembering how creativity flows from Order.

2. Making Time – I read a great book a while ago, “The Rainbow Way” by Lucy H Pearce. It is a manual to help new parents find their creative rhythm again after having children. Most importantly it has some really great tips on how to find time to be creative. If you only have 20 mins for creating then using those 20 mins effectively is essential.  Hence clearing my space and getting all my projects organised.  If I only have 20 mins to write, design or blog then I’d better not have to do 20 mins of tidying and admin before I can start!

3.  Making Plans – I always have a number of creative things on the go, writing projects, knitting projects, designing projects, smallholding projects, gardening projects, recipes I’m inventing etc.  I’m usually pretty good at keeping track of them but I’ve let that slip recently.

I also plan what learning I need to do to make my creative work really zing. For example I really want to take better pictures for this blog.  In order to level up I need to be learning about Photography!

I’ve got a huge stash of pretty notebooks (I’m sure I’m not the only one)  Time to bust some of them out and get some planning done. I love a good list!

A small collection of my pretty notebooks.

A small collection of my pretty notebooks.

4. Making! – I’m squeezing in blogging time, tidying up, designing and writing.  I’m showing up and doing stuff even if I don’t quite feel it.  I know from experience that practising creativity makes me more creative.  I’ve just got to show up and do something.

This was a really big swatch!  Seriously big.

This was a really big swatch! Seriously big.

How do you get back on the creativity horse when you hit a futless streak?  Let me know in the comments below.

Better dash – the sound of little feet bouncing on a cot mattress tells me my 20 mins are up!

12 thoughts on “Recovering Creativity

    1. Becky A Post author

      It was wonderful – so inspiring. Every time we have been it has been a warm beautiful Autumn day, they have amazing art exhibitions and every stall is like a little art display.

  1. Dawn McHugh

    I sometimes get burn out or creative block, I dont worry about it anymore, I go for a walk, browse others creativity on the internet, browse through a few books or magazines then before i know it I get itchy fingers and off I go again. 🙂

  2. Keely

    I had all of Saturday to myself this week, so I left all of my unfinished business in the house. I sat by a little fire in the yard and tried carving a wooden spoon, then I took off into the woods with my camera and knife and one of my pretty notebooks. I didn’t manage to create anything really, but physically leaving all of my disordered bits behind kept them off my mind and freed up space for big thoughts. That’s the lazy-gal’s approach to the having-to-spend-my-twenty-minutes-tidying problem.
    My favorite aspect of this lifestyle is that every problem is peculiar and unique and demands a creative, immediate solution. It’s so satisfying and so challenging! At the end of the day, it sometimes feels like nothing got done, but, heck, the pigs have a scratching post, or it has now been demonstrated that you can indeed tow the chicken tractor with the car (which beats pulling it by hand, particularly uphill).
    Making space and making time are the big ones. I never fail to come up with something to fill my empty hands, should I be lucky enough to come up with space and time and empty hands. I think that’s the trick of it.
    That and seizing the moment: If the cat drags in a flying squirrel, skin it and worry about what you’ll do with the hide later.

    1. Becky A Post author

      Hi Keely

      I know what you mean about finding it easy to come up with things to fill empty hands. That is part of the reason I do so much knitting, I can do it in front of TV at the cinema, waiting at the Drs etc.

      By the way I got another Dominion set (my favourite: Prosperity) for my recent birthday and we have been playing it loads. That is definitely where some of my time goes 🙂

      You’re right about seizing the moment thought – every second Raffi has a nap I rush to fill with things. Although they are often more useful than creative.

  3. Liz

    I know I ‘owe’ you some creativity, but in the meantime, a correction: you did not start designing the cowl ‘less than 24 hours later’, you started designing it while walking around the show! Having the idea is the beginning of the design 🙂

    1. Becky A Post author

      Hah – I think you deserve a break right now after your busy time recently. That is a fair correction though, but I’m not sure all the fantasy dreams of ideas in my head quite count.

  4. frugal in Derbyshire

    I’m feeling very creative at the moment and am surrounded by patterns and fabrics. HOWEVER Autumn is still keeping me captive in the kitchen! There are buckets and buckets of apples, courgettes, tomatoes and beans. I still have a huge bucket of honey to jar (approx 60lbs) and my friend has emailed me to say she has 20lb of grapes for me! Yes I know it is what we grew stuff for, but usually everything is finished by now and I have started on my Christmas presents. I love your pretty notebooks and I too like a good list or two.

    1. Becky A Post author

      I feel the same way about Autumn keeping me in the kitchen. I don’t want to complain about the bounty but I also feel very stressed about trying to use it all up!

      Great to hear you’ve got started on Christmas 🙂


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