A very busy time of year

This time last year, we didn’t have pigs, we didn’t have a vegetable garden, R was less than 3 months old.  I made a little jam but not much else and I was mostly concentrating on learning this parenting gig.

I’m still learning the parenting gig but I’ve got a year’s experience under my belt, R has a clear routine and in that time we’ve grown a lovely vegetable garden and are on our second lot of pigs.

Whilst I knew the Autumn harvest would be a thing, I don’t think I knew it would be quite so hectic!

We are eating down the freezer to make space for our next pig harvest, but at the same time we are filling it up with mutton from some local farming friends and berries from the garden.  Eeep.  We are in a preserving frenzy trying to make the most of everything before it is too late and to cap it all the apple harvest seems to have come in 2-3 weeks early this year throwing everything into a real frazzle.  I wish the trees had waited!

Our current tally is

2.5 litres of Damson Gin

11 jars of Damson Jam

1.5 jars of Rosehip Jam

3 litres of Blackberry Cordial

6 jars of Crab Apple Jelly

450g frozen redcurrants

1kg frozen blackberries

1.5kg frozen blackcurrants

450g froze whitecurrants

(It probably doesn’t help the stress levels round here that both my and Josh’s paid work jobs have been busy recently.)

But living our new, greener life is partly about taking the time to enjoy nature and savour the moment.  Which is why I’m looking out of my home office window and enjoy the shafts of Autumn sunlight angling through the trees.

We had a weekend full of Josh making pork pies (about 8lbs of pie in total) a busy, messy but exciting business.  Homegrown pork and herbs, homemade pies filling the freezer should see us through a lot of lunches. We still took time out of for a lovely family lunch in Matlock on Sunday and apple picking together as a family on Saturday.  R helped us and picked 5 apples off the tree to put into the wheelbarrow.  He only bit two of them so he was 3 apples worth of productive help. Well done R!

I finished a long knitted cardigan I’ve been working on for about 18 months!  Everytime I say I’ll never knit another jumper on 3mm needles and then I always do it again.  There is just something so lovely about a knitted garment at such a fine gauge.  Anyway I’ve finished it in time for Yarndale – a knitting convention in Skipton I’ll be going to soon.

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