A lovely break in so many ways.

We’ve been away for a few days to Sussex for a beautiful, hippy wedding and I took the opportunity to leave my laptop behind and try a few days mostly offline.  Several bloggers having been talking about taking days offline and I had a sneaking suspicion I’d really enjoy so on the spur of the moment I decided I’d join in.  It was so spur of the moment I had packed my power cable!

Here is a picture of R at the wedding, rocking his homemade tie dye T-shirt and eating a stick. MMMmm tasty stick!


It was very refreshing and definitely something I’ll do again.  It probably would have been more refreshing if I hadn’t dealt with the slight stress of managing a 13 month old in a B&B for the first time but he was very easy going (as usual) and our B&B hostess was fantastically accommodating and so helpful.  I’d recommend the B&B to anyone staying in East Grinstead, East Sussex and here is her website: http://www.brambletyemanorbarn.co.uk/

The wedding was lovely, it was held at a Glamping site which was beautiful, the ceremony was in a woodland glade and the festivities were all informal, held in a field and barn with a big marquee and amazing views.  The weather was hot and sunny all day and there were parachute games, tug o’ war, rounders, and plenty of space for the army of little children to run around.  It was wonderful!

I’ve come back feeling a little torn between enjoying the time offline and wanting to get back to blogging and everything else.  So I think I’ll be trying to work out a sustainable way of blogging going forwards.

In the meantime I got back from Sussex to find that my Cavelo Nero (Italian Black Kale) was ready to eat.  I Love Cavelo Nero, it is my undisputed Empress of Kale and we started out having it for dinner last night and then early this morning I made a quick batch of these Kale Chips which I highly recommend.  There are some amazing tips in here that link so please do check them out.


I must finish writing my big No Plastic July Round Up post soon!



6 thoughts on “A lovely break in so many ways.

  1. rupertbu

    You can, of course, prepare posts ahead of time and then schedule to be auto-posted, so you may enjoy solitude, from www, yet maintaining your readers interest 🙂

    1. Becky A Post author

      I am just getting to grips with that side of blogging. I did learn how to do the scheduling recently so I might try and give it a go next time!

  2. KathrynH

    Sounds like a lovely wedding and break. I get the feeling everyone is slowing down this month and it’s quite nice not to feel you have to blog all the time. I’ll be taking a blogging sabbatical for our summer hols but that’s more because I’m not technically minded enough to be able to do it remotely!

    1. Becky A Post author

      I think slow down in August is quite natural in lots of places so it is no surprise blogland is the same. Autumn and September in particular can feel quite envigorating I think after that.

    1. Becky A Post author

      Thank you – I was really proud of how the t-shirt came out and it was a lovely celebration. I think everyone enjoyed the homemade, outdoors bit a lot!


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