Taking Time to Enjoy the Good Life

We moved here as part of a larger plan to change our lives and live more of the Good Life. In many ways the Good Life means more and harder work (especially with a young baby) but it is called the Good Life because of the rewards.  One of the keys to living this way is making sure you squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of your life.

(Actually that is just a key to life isn’t it…)

So this weekend I have been relaxing, pottering and really enjoying the life we have made.

This is my short post of good things we have enjoyed this weekend.

1. Shallots


All the shallots are harvested.  About 1/3 of them are dried and the rest are drying.  We’ve got an ok crop this year (but very good for our first crop in a long time!).  I’ll pickle a small amount (because homemade pickled onions are delicious!) and we’ll use the rest in cooking.

Knowing I don’t have to buy onions for a couple of months feels surprisingly good!

2. Barbeque!

The weather this month has been incredible.  In fact both the Summers since we moved to Derbyshire have been glorious and I love hot weather.  (I liked it less last year when I was recovering from a c-section and trying to breastfeed – then the hot weather was a lot less nice.)  But knowing that I didn’t get the most out of it last year has meant I’ve really appreciated it this year.

When we bought the house we noted there was a brick built barbeque but we didn’t think much about it.  How wrong we were not to realise it’s potential.  For some reason this lovely brick built thing makes it a million times easier to have a lovely BBQ in the Summer months.

Josh made marinated lamb steaks and we had Abel & Cole Chipolatas, homemade rye bread, salad, and marinated anchovies.  It was all delicious!

3. First Cucumber


The BBQ also saw us eating our first cucumber of the year.  The others on the plant are all tiny but this lovely sized one was just right.  I’d never really appreciate how amazing a home grown cucumber is before we did our own a few years ago.  They are less wet and slimy and much more crunchy – which I totally prefer.

4. Borlotti Beans – first pods

I’ve never grown these before so when I was feeding the pigs this morning I was so excited to see these two pods peeking out from the leaves! I’m hoping to eat a few fresh but mostly dry them all for the Winter!

They are all small things, but they were all relaxing, simple, fun and pretty inexpensive to enjoy (and yes I do realise they are all food related – but that is just how my mind works!) I hope all of you are taking the time to enjoy your Good Lives and I’d love to hear more about them below.


2 thoughts on “Taking Time to Enjoy the Good Life

  1. Dawn McHugh

    Its important to take time out to enjoy your lifestyle and surroundings, we are making a point of investigating our local area when we are both home together.

    1. Becky A Post author

      It is very exciting when you move somewhere new – so many things to discover. We are still doing that over a year or so later. I think it is so much fun being a tourist in your home county 🙂


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