No Plastic July – starts here!

Well today is the first day of No Plastic July and as you know I am trying to lose plastic in 5 areas of our life.

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

I’m doing this because plastic doesn’t break down for years and years and years.  When you have single use, disposable plastic we are just putting it somewhere out of sight and out of mind but it still exists.  It sits there in landfill somewhere – but that landfill is filling up and in world with a huge and growing population I can’t think of a more disgusting waste of land. Or worse it is getting dumped into the ocean and damaging the wildlife.

Unlike my compost heap this stuff isn’t being broken down it is just a giant bin which keeps on growing. Recycling just isn’t as good an answer as we think, it isn’t as widespread as it needs to be, it doesn’t cover all types of disposable plastic, it uses more energy (than just not having the disposable plastic in the first place) and reading No Plastic July website it is being recycled in “third world countries with substandard conditions for the world’ poorest people”.

There is a potential impact on our health with BPA chemicals getting out of the plastic and into our bodies and there is a growing impact on the oceans which I had no idea about until recently.


It is interesting to me how issues aren’t just about “the environment’ anymore, there is always a very human impact, often on the poorest and most vulnerable people and BPA affects everyone.  That is why I embrace ‘sustainability’ as a term.  It covers everything and reflects the fact our actions impact in lots of different ways.

So the journey to give up disposable plastic starts today.

One of things we are giving up is crackers and crisps and savoury snacks in plastic wrapping.  So today I’ll be whipping up a batch of these cheese straws to eat instead. I want giving up plastic to mean we eat better and enjoy life more whilst saving the planet. There will be dancing (and eating cheese straws) in my revolution!

Alongside my 5 things, I’m also going to be watching some documentaries and learning more about the issues and writing to a few companies to ask them to change their packaging.

A little example – I like to buy organic butter because organic farming is more sustainable and less oil dependent than other types of farming.  But the foil wrappers on most organic butter – (Yeo Valley, Sainsburys Organic and Rachels – I am looking at you!) contain a thin layer of plastic.  So do I go plastic free or do I by the more sustainable organic option!  My solution is to lobby Yeo Valley and others to change their packaging so I don’t have to work out the lesser of two evils.

There are some other amazing bloggers, going even further than me and I’m going to get a lot of inspiration from them over this month.

Check out their links and cheerlead them to the finish line!



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10 thoughts on “No Plastic July – starts here!

  1. Rachelle Strauss

    Hi Becky, I’m with you on the organic butter. Same with milk – we can get it delivered in glass from the milkman, but the organic still comes in plastic *facepalm*
    I’m afraid my health comes first, so I’m not prepared to compromise either – so I’ll join you in a bit of letter writing 🙂

    1. Becky A Post author

      Gah! Why do people who go to the trouble of producing organic milk slap it in a plastic bottle when the normal milk is in glass? Hurray for the letter writing.

  2. Sue

    Maybe make your own butter? ( said with only a little bit of tongue in cheek 🙂 )
    Its something I keep saying I will do but have as yet to try.
    One of the things that really gets me is the big packets of crackers that contain 10 smaller packets intended for kids lunches! As if one packet isnt enough!!!

    1. Becky A Post author

      I make a lot of things from scratch but I think making my own butter is one of those things which I don’t think I have time for 🙂 But if you try it I’d love to hear about it!

      I hate those packets inside packets inside packet inside packets. So much waste!

  3. pocketgreen

    Great post, good luck with plastic free July! I’m struggling with crisps too – and biscuits. You’re right, it’s really annoying how much of our daily things are in plastic!
    I’m planning to buy crisps in large packets instead of 6 small bags-in-a-bag. And some fizzy drinks are available in glass bottles (after a bit of hunting, as per usual). I got a wood toothbrush, it looks prettier, I think! From I Choose What I Use. Leanne x

    1. Becky A Post author

      Hiya Leanne

      Thanks for commenting!

      The way I see it I might not be perfect this July but I will have consumed less plastic overall. So big bags of crisps instead of 6 small packets is a reduction and that is great! Great work. I love the wooden toothbrushes. I’ve been told be my dentist I really need to use an electric toothbrush though so I’m not sure I’m ready to make that change. But I know I can do better on fizzy drinks. Especially after I realised they all have a little plastic disk in the lid. Less plastic again but still it is something I could give up with no health problems (unlike the tootbrush!)

      1. pocketgreen

        You’re right! Even if we don’t go totally plastic-free, it’s made us think about our purchases and every little helps! x

      2. Becky A Post author

        Absolutely – just thinking about this challenge has made me realise how plastic dependent I am and got me thinking about how to reduce that.

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