What is in the cake tin?

Recently we seem to have been buying a lot of cake – I’m not sure why. Probably because chasing after an excited crawling baby is a tiring business; it makes me (and Josh) want to eat cake.

As you know I’m in a constant internal battle on how much we use the mini-tesco over the road.  One day I’ll probably set myself a challenge or something and blog about it but today I’ve just resolved to make more cake so that we always have a cake tin of treats to be eaten rather than resorting to buying cakes.


Ready for the oven...

Ready for the oven…

This will be cheaper in the long run (I think, I’d better cost it up!) will involve less packaging, taste nicer and have things like free range eggs (i’m sure the average cake from Tesco’s don’t use free range eggs although I am pleased that Mr Kipling does) so should be all round greener.

Finding myself with some unexpected baby-free time I set to work making these Black Forest Chocolate Brownies from the Pink Whisk.

Let’s try costing it out:

200g Dark Chocolate (Bournville) – £2.00

140g Butter – £0.56

225g Caster Sugar £0.34

2sp Vanilla Extract £0.47

2 eggs and 1 egg yolk £0.48

85g Plain Flour £0.03

200g Frozen Berries £1.00

33g Dried Cherries £1.00

£5.88 for 900g of Black Forest Brownies

Buying a similar weight of average quality Sainsburys Brownies would cost £4.00 on their current offer.  So not cheaper but the difference in quality is huge – So I feel like I’m not comparing like with like here.  Any ideas for a better comparison?

Surely this is better than a Sainsbury brownie.

Surely this is better than a Sainsburys’ brownie.

I’ve made the Black Forest Brownies before with my homegrown blackcurrants and they are just perfection.  This time I used frozen fruit as the recipe suggests because we are long way off the blackcurrant harvest.  As usual I “adjusted” the recipe –  but only by adding a good handful of dried sour cherries to give it an extra black forest vibe.

If I take all the berries and cherries out of the recipe (because the Sainsburys brownies don’t have any in them) the price is £3.88 for 900g which is a bit cheaper than buying from Sainsburys and it is still a million times nicer!

So frugal does win the day after all – what a relief.



6 thoughts on “What is in the cake tin?

  1. frugalinsuffolksimple@gmail.com

    You could swap the chocolate to a cheap value dark choc about 30p for 100g- seems to work OK as long as you melt gently.

  2. Becky A Post author

    Good point! I’ve used Sainsbury’s basics dark chocolate in the past with good results and that would knock the price right down. Take that! Horrid dry supermarket brownies!

    1. Becky A Post author

      It is the second time I’ve made them and they really are incredible – I would try putting a few blackcurrants or redcurrants in with the cherries as their sharpness sets off the rich brownies perfectly. Unless all your cherries are morello cherries in which case I am made of jealous!

      1. The Zero-Waste Chef

        Thanks for the tips! I planted the cherry tree myself about ten years ago, but can’t tell you what type of cherry tree I planted. I’ll add currents just to be safel

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