The Good Things

Elizabeth from the Margot and Barbara blog (I can’t tell how you much I *love* that title!) has suggested people write happy posts, about The Good Things.

I wholeheartedly support the idea of recording The Good Things and so here is my first post, as unlikely as it seems…

1. Weeding the Vegetable Patch

"I think you'll find those are *my* weeds."

“I think you’ll find those are *my* weeds.”

Why, on Earth, would this be a good thing?

Well I can tell you it wasn’t always a good thing and there are still aspects of it I don’t like – namely all that bending over. But this is the first time I’ve had a vegetable patch next to a pig pen.  It is a revelation! I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to pull up a handful of weeds and casually toss them into the pen only to have the pigs race for the fresh greens as if they were the most delicious treat.  Listening to them grunt and snuffle their way through the pile of weeds is so satisfying.  Composting weeds is all well and good but having the animals get such enjoyment out of eating them is great and makes me feel closer to fulfilling my Permaculture principles – Maximum yield, minimum cost and effort.

The Good Things

12 thoughts on “The Good Things

  1. Mammasaurus

    Oh wow yes I can quite see how that would be super satisfying! I’ve got guinea pigs I give a lot of mine too – but funnily enough they can’t cope with the volume!
    Nice to find you via Margot and Barbara x

  2. Becky A Post author

    Thanks for stopping by! Volume is not a problem for these pigs – I don’t think we can grow enough weeds to keep them happy.

  3. MargotBarbara

    Hello! Thank you so much for joining in The Good Things. I’m a huge fan of permaculture design, so I’ll definitely be stopping by here again to read more about your journey!

  4. Jen

    Am super jealous-would love pigs and a self-sufficient life! Like Mamasaurus, we have guinea pigs, but it’s not quite the same…!

    1. Becky A Post author

      Well we aren’t quite self-sufficient. I joke that this is a tinyholding, not a smallholding. But I reckon it is all about the journey. We love having pigs and I feel really grateful we have the space to do it and some wonderful mentors who gave us so much advice in setting up. There is such an amazing community of smallholders out there who are really generous with their time and advice.

  5. pobept

    Grin .. I mover and reconstructed my pig pin and turned over pig raising to my son-n-law, however my small flock of laying hens can consume a great number of weeds and unused vegetable tops and peelings from my kitchen.
    Happy Gardening

    1. Becky A Post author

      Thanks Pobept! We hope to get chickens as well soon, Having pigs is wonderful but we eat so many eggs I think we should get a flock of chickens next!

    1. Becky A Post author

      My neighbours weren’t too sure at first. But I since they’ve realised the pigs don’t smell and don’t create lots of noise they are happier about it. Plus I think a few gifted pork chops helped to ease any tensions.

  6. akiltandacamera

    Your pigs are cute! I totally agree, it would be really much more fun to see them get so excited over your weeds than to just toss them onto a quiet little compost bin. 🙂


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