A Huge List of Things – Part 2

The inspiration for the Huge List of things is here and Part 1 is here.

It has been a funny weekend.  The BBC predicted epic rain and storms all weekend, but in fact there were a few showers and then it was lovely and hot and sunny the rest of the time.  So we got lots of gardening done, I went to the Transition Chesterfield AGM (on foot!) and spent an afternoon having a picnic in the park!  Not bad for the “tropical storms” we were promised.

Double slug protection measures!

Double slug protection measures!

I have now planted out all my plug plants and all the cabbages and cavelo nero grown from seed.  The slug war continues.  I’m now using a combination of beer traps (bodycount of 150+ and rising) and upturned orange/grapefruit halves.  Apparently the slugs hide in the upturned oranges in the daytime and you can dispose of them all in one go. I’m hoping using a combination of measure will solve the problem – but really the problem is a mild wet winter and continued wet conditions.

Although it is late I’ve sown lots more courgettes to replace the ones we lost.  Several friends have suggested that even sowing them now they will probably catch up in time to give us a crop.

One bed I’ve completely given up on since it seems like a total slug buffet and even the slug traps didn’t seem to protect them.  Nothing planted in it survived so next year I’ll use it for something which slugs don’t eat.  Hah!

On with the list…

Enjoying: Star Trek the Next Generation – We’ve recently re-watched the entire 7 seasons on Netflix and I’ve been surprised at how good it is. Some really good episodes with great storylines for some of the female characters in particular. Better female representation and stories than some more recent TV I shan’t mention.
Waiting: To get my hair dyed blue again and chopped short [I’ve had this done this since I wrote this part of the list – nice to get back to the blue].
Liking: Dinner tonight was fragrant chicken, pasta bake with orange, cinnamon and tomatoes.  It sounds weird but is in fact lovely.  Plus broccoli and green beans with homegrown mint and butter. Very tasty.
Wondering: How R is getting on at his first full day at nursery.  He is going to be there one day a week from now on until he starts school and I really hope he is having fun. [He completed his first day and apart from a little bit of teething trouble he had a great time, banging pots and playing in the black and white sensory area]
Loving: I’m not one for public gushing, but spending so much time with Josh and R over this past year has been wonderful.  I love them both completely.
Pondering: Money – we are doing fine (well in fact),  but we are looking at our budgets again.  I am noticing money being wasted and I think we can do better in some areas like food, heating and other spending. We have a plan to be mortgage free in our early 40s and we need to look at our finances pretty frequently to make sure we hit that goal.
Considering: How best to stop the slug onslaught and whether to get a small poly tunnel instead of a greenhouse. Either a poly tunnel or a greenhouse would help me raise many more seedlings so that we could weather it better when the slugs take their tithe.  Decisions, decisions.
Watching: My gooseberries – they are nearly ready to eat and I need to decide what to make with them.
Hoping: That our huge collection of knitted socks stops getting any more holes.  I have about 15-20 holes to fix at the moment and I’m just about to finish knitting 3 replacements for Josh but I really need to take some serious time out for mending for a little while.
Marvelling: At this video which gives a lovely theory on what Roman Dodecahedron’s were used for: http://gralienreport.com/ancient-mysteries-2/man-solved-roman-dodecahedron-mystery/
Needing: To bulk buy – I really want to find a place locally I can bulk buy the things we use a lot of such as dried pulses and bread flour.  But I haven’t found it yet!
Smelling: Bergamot – I don’t really wear perfume, but I occasionally use essential oils.  Today I was in need of a a bit of a lift and Bergamot is perfect, gentle and citrussy, calming and uplifting.
Wearing: Bit of a mish mash as usual.  I have these great purple boots with recycled soles and a pair of handknitted socks (it is still a bit chilly here), then leggings and a simple petticoat style skirt I made years ago from some fabric a friend brought back from India, a pale green t-shirt style top and a dark green tank top I knitted myself. I wear a little green pouch on a belt for the days when my skirts don’t have pockets.

Hope everyone else enjoyed the not-stormy weather.


2 thoughts on “A Huge List of Things – Part 2

  1. Dawn McHugh

    For bulk buying have you tried the continental ethnic food shops, I find there great for dried foods.
    When you find something slugs dont like to eat let the rest of us know please, although you will find the more slugs you dispose of this year will pay off next year, it takes a while to reduce numbers, I have had very little slug damage this year I often go out in the evening with a torch and a pair of scissors and snip them in half and leave them for local wildlife to clear up.

  2. Becky A Post author

    Hi Dawn, thanks for commenting – In the past I used to use ethnic food shops for rice and pulses but I’ve haven’t yet found any in my new hometown (I moved here a year ago) I’ll keep looking though.

    I’m pleased to know I’m having some effect on the slug population. I really want to get chickens though so that I can at least feed the live ones to them (I’d find that much more satisfying). So far the only crops untouched by slugs are alliums and potatoes. But I’m sure potatoes have been got in other years.


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