A Huge List of Things – Part 1

Make Do and Mend Year has written a blog post called “Taking Stock” which is one of the assignments on her blogging course.  It sounded like fun and I could do with some writing practice myself so I’m giving it a go.

I’ve split it into multiple parts though as it was a very long list!

Sock in progress.

Sock in progress.

Making : I have two main projects on the go at the moment.  Socks for Josh and bunting for R’s birthday. I love the speed of sewing but it requires some set up and I don’t always have a clear stretch of time to get stuck in. Bunting I can sort of do bits here and that (especially the cutting out) but my first love is knitting, portable, easy to pick up and put down and no minute of waiting at the doctors or for a bus is ever wasted.
Cooking : It’s Josh’s turn to cook dinner tonight not me but I know we are having a vegetable tortilla.  Since we have guests coming tomorrow though, I’ll be cranking up the bread machine and getting a loaf ready.  Our standard loaf is 50% strong white flour and 50% wholemeal spelt flour and it is very tasty!
Drinking : Diet coke – my main vice.  Terrible stuff and (I’m sure) horrible for the environment.  Something I am still working on.
Reading: I always have a million and one books on the go but the main thing I’m currently reading is “The Wizard Hunters” by Martha Wells.  It is part of a huge box I got from a friend when they were downsizing their book collection and it’s taken me ages to get round to reading it but it is good solid fantasy with a slight steampunk twist  and several interesting and well-drawn female characters. Just my sort of thing.
Wanting: Chickens!  We are in the planning stages for getting chickens.  First working out how big a coop to build, then sourcing the materials and building it, then buying a hen house and finally a feeder, food, water thingy and actual chickens.  We are still a way off getting them but we almost have a plan!
Looking: For some replacement Courgette plants – the slugs have done for ours and the garden centre has sold out.
Playing: We recently bought two new board games (we have a huge collection of board games and role-playing games) Race for the Galaxy and Ghost Stories.  We have been playing them a lot!  Definitely getting our money’s worth.
Deciding: How high the fences for the chicken coop should be and whether we need a lid on it.

Wishing: Death to slugs.  They are decimating the garden, I lost two most cucumbers to the little monsters this morning.  My slug traps are doing well in the veg patch but poorly up with the courgettes and it is hurting.

Garden is coming on (just ignore the weeds).

Garden is coming on (just ignore the weeds).

Much of my current garden news is above – mostly am in full blown war against the slugs. My perennial enemy.  They have now decimated 4 cucumbers, 2 courgettes, 2 squashes, all the chillis, one entire salad crop and one purslane crop.  I hates them precious.

Currently I’m deploying my standard beer traps, but the weather has been so wet and mild for so long I bet this is going to be bumper slug year.  So I’m reading this article with great interest especially the bit about Indian Runner Ducks!



5 thoughts on “A Huge List of Things – Part 1

  1. Phyllis Weaving

    If your buying wood we found the wood yard in Belper cheapper than B&q or Wicks. I have couple courgettes and squashes going spare. Know your near cos you went to the green day at Belper. I’m in ambergate.

    1. Becky A Post author

      Dear Phyllis

      Thank you for replying to my post. Good to know about the wood yard in Belper – there is also a timber merchants in Chesterfield which I’m told is cheaper so we check that out too. Lovely to hear from someone in Ambergate. I’m not sure we’ll be coming over that way soon (we are in Chesterfield) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to source some more courgettes locally soon. I splurged on some squash plants at the garden centre to tide me over.

      Next year I am planning to get a poly tunnel and raise extras of everything. This year windowsill space was at a premium so I couldn’t do that.

  2. frugalinsuffolksimple@gmail.com

    I followed the link to see what this was all about…………goodness what a long list of things to blog about- good luck!

    1. Becky A Post author

      It is a *very* long list isn’t it. That is why I’m splitting it over several posts. It is a fun little project but I couldn’t expect anyone to read all my answers in one long list. I’d waffle on too much and I’m sure they’d get bored 🙂

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