Belper Goes Green Festival

This weekend we were due to have some friends to visit and we had planned to go to Belper Goes Green.  The friends had to cancel sadly but we still made it to the Belper Goes Green Festival and met up with other friends and it was lovely all round. The weather was overcast but warm – I didn’t any photos but that was probably for the best as it would have made the weather look much worse than it really was!

Instead have a picture of a pretty red pea flower.

Golden Sweet Mange Tout Pea.

Golden Sweet Mange Tout Pea.

There was a music tent which had some great music (lots of folk naturally) playing all day, real ale and lots of other interesting stalls and activities. R was a bit young for some of the family activities but as he gets older I think he’ll really enjoy it. We had a lovely lunch from Fresh Basil of a smoked cheese pie, veggie burrito and some fresh fried peppers, potatoes and onions with spices. R couldn’t get enough of the fried peppers etc. and then ate some burrito as well.

The most exciting find was Hillside Permaculture!  We bought some organic free range salami from them and had a great talk about raising pigs, pig breed, and making chorizo, salami, ham etc.  We also got a Spearmint and a Mountain Mint plant from them (and I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get 3-4 big courgette plants) and I hope we run into them at another local festival or agricultural show soon, they were lovely and doing so many interesting things.

The slug traps are working nicely and I’ve refilled 8 already.  In fact I need to get some more cheap beer really quickly.

Lastly the pigs are settling in really nicely.  They have starting digging over the ground and are eating so much grass and roots we are going to have to adjust their feed downwards again (they are looking a bit too fat for the stage they are at!) But the most exciting thing happened today.  They used the wallow for the first time.  It was very hot today and in the sunny part of the morning they all went for a swim and splashed around – I’ve not watched this behaviour in pigs before (our last lot of pigs came in the Winter when it was too cold for them to need a wallow to cool off). It was so much fun to watch them.

Slurp, slurp.

Slurp, slurp.


2 thoughts on “Belper Goes Green Festival

  1. Dawn McHugh

    I am really looking forward to getting pigs, the festival sounds like a fun day, I havent plans to go to any events this year, so next year I will make it up big time.

  2. Becky A Post author

    When is the move happening! We were surprised at how easy it was to set up for the pigs and it seems like they require a lot less work than chickens. So you should be able to get some really soon after you are moved it.

    I have been so wonderfully surprised at how many events there are here in Derbyshire and am really enjoying them. Probably going to Bakewell Green Festival next and then maybe the Ashover Agricultural show. I might even enter a vegetable contest 😉


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